Dayanna Visconti


Biography of an artist

It is not easy to write your own biography. Indeed it’s almost impossible to say everything without masking your identity and your thoughts. It’s easy to write only about the beautiful features and the sparkling lights instead of telling the truth and nothing but the truth.
Yes… the lights are there but so are the shadows…

Many people find it difficult to really know themselves… sometimes because they don’t know who they are first or because someone is unconsciously trying to deform their own personality.

Who am I?

When I look in the mirror I can feel my true identity and I see the fullfillment of all the skills I ever desired and wanted. I can talk with others and being myself at the same time: unique and invaluable!

Yes… I love life and I like to share this joy with others. I have known many many people and I’ve always had an open dialogue with each one of them. Sincerity has always been my way of living. But as time goes by I try to tie myself to the ones I known better… and for me this is a touch of perfection. Understanding each other without speaking, loving each other, a love that can be defined universal and not sexual, a friendship without envy and without betrayal. Disappointments are always there, but some strings of love and friendship go on and are strengthened in time.

We are all distracted, all existentialists but it’s true that you only have what you give and, for an artist, this is an essential opening. An artist must not create perfect things but make them beautiful and with love.

Being or having?

It’s not easy to talk and confront your conscience, express your ideas, your inner desires, throw away all appearances. So yes, I am what am! But… who am I for myself and who am I for other people? Redeem myself, change, being myself… sometimes giving up and putting on a mask for the people. It is so easy to give up your true self to appease others, but we must face the dilemma: to be or to appear? Or, to say it with Fromm “being or having?”, thus indulge your own desires, the oblivion of possession… having or being someone to have something, or being your true self? So, this is me!

To Your Own Self Be True

I was born in Barranquilla. I’ve always loved art. Life is very difficult when you want to be your true self, not appease other people. To be your true self, sometimes you won’t be liked, but being true to your own self makes you rich. Truth is unique and you must find it no matter what, to give your life a real meaning.

« Be Brave!
Don’t forget to smile and always believe in your dreams… »

– Dayanna Visconti





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